We are seeking a UX/CX Senior Designer

UX/CX Senior Designer

To continue improving our team, we are looking for a UX/CX designer with a strategic approach, business vision and experience in defining, executing and supervising design projects. We are still looking for talent.


Before getting to the point, we invite you to take a look at our website. You can see some of the clients we work with, discover our training sessions in spanish and put a face to the team.

This is a day in Zorraquino.

Our culture

At Zorraquino we design and develop for people. We are technologists and humanists. Initiative, curiosity and constant learning are part of our essence. We like to grow and we always have our eyes on the future because we believe that innovation is the key to evolution. We work as a team, we pamper every project we undertake and we pursue excellence in everything we do. Over the years, we have received numerous recognitions and awards. We are driven by the ambition to be better every day.

Discover the values ​​that make up our culture.


We need:

UX/CX senior designer, a person with strategic focus, initiative and business vision, who is passionate about design like you. You will be in charge of the definition, execution and supervision of different design projects in which you will participate together with the teams assigned to each case.

  • If you have a background in Design disciplines (Industrial, Strategic, Services, UX...), you like technology and you live in Bilbao or its surroundings, we are looking for you.
  • If you are passionate about strategic design, research, usability and people-centred design (UCD) and have a minimum of 4 years' demonstrable experience, sign up.
  • If you are motivated to get involved in the strategy, conception and ideation of projects, contribute ideas, research and solve problems with criteria, we want you.
  • If you are one of those who paste post-it, master tools such as Miro or Mural, like the techniques of Design Thinking, have developed business model canvases, value proposal maps, customer journeys, empathy maps or service blueprint... apply it without hesitation.
  • If you follow trends, are passionate about design culture and have a talent for working on concepts for different media, depending on the strategies of each project, you will win us over.
  • If you are a proactive, synthetic, agile and decisive person, with an analytical eye, criteria and sensitivity to appreciate good design and, moreover, you take care of details like no one else, this is your job.

Don't forget to send us a link to your work or present us your portfolio, because we look forward to seeing it.

We'll be delighted if:

  • You use programming and tagging languages: HTML, CSS...
  • You have knowledge of digital marketing.

This is what you will do:

  • You will participate in the strategic phases of conception, services and ideation of the projects.
  • You will lead and supervise different design projects, together with the management.
  • You will put things into context,contribute ideas and solve problems with criteria.
  • You will define the concepts to be developed together with the Strategic Design department.
  • You will contribute all your knowledge as a specialist in customer experience and usability.
  • You will coordinate with the different teams and other areas involved in the development of the projects.
  • You will present, defend and highlight the design projects to clients.

We love you with:

  • Generosity. Because it is essential to lend a hand when a colleague needs you.
  • Strength. You grow in challenges, you don't get frustrated in the face of difficulties and you come up when you need to.
  • Versatility. You go out and enter your comfort zone like a Formula 1 racing car and you blend into many different environments as a chameleon.
  • Curiosity. Restless mind beyond your tasks.

We offer:

We know that not everything is asking and it is obvious what we all work for, so here is what we offer you:

  • A stable position in a company with more than 18 years of experience, consolidated and with projection.
  • Full time job.
  • Salary according to profile between € 25.000 and € 35.000 gross per year.
  • Timetable from 8 to 17 h with one hour for lunch and Friday afternoons free.
  • Intensive day from 8 to 15 h in July and August.
  • Right in the centre of Bilbao and in excellent surroundings: good atmosphere, good light, best equipment, top quality technology, bookstore to choose from among numerous titles and plenty of marker pens to paint glass and paper walls with post-it.
  • You will collaborate with great brands: Kutxabank and Cajasur, Saunier Duval, Euskaltel, Eroski or EITB, among others. We also develop projects for Pernod Ricard, Virgin, Swisscom and other international clients.
  • Building new dynamic and inspiring projects.
  • Continuous training through our sessions, courses, books, events, training plans...
  • Drinks (lots of coffee, Cola Cao, tea, infusions and soft drinks, but also some beer that never goes bad), snacks (we love cookies and gummies) and fruit because, when we want, we are also real fooders.
  • Grow, share, learn from everything and everyone, and develop on a professional and human level.

Our proposals are always ambitious and we seek to exceed customer expectations. All this means intense teamwork adapted to the needs of each project, which we face with enthusiasm and willing to give our best. Currently, we have large projects in our hands and if you work with us, you will be an essential part of them.

Shall we talk?

We'd love to tell you all about the projects you'd be part of, but confidentiality is essential and we can't tell you more here. So if the offer motivates you and you want to be part of our team, we are looking forward to hearing about your portfolio and/or work:


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