Kutxabank seeks to improve its customers’ experience

Working in the field of phygital experience, Zorraquino has imbued Kutxabank’s new branch-office with a technological essence, with the aim being to reinforce relational marketing and all points of contact between the user and the brand.

Bilbao, 12 May 2016 - In March 2016, Kutxabank has opened its pilot branch-office in the centre of Donostia-San Sebastian, covering one thousand square metres distributed over two floors. It is a strategic project through which the bank reveals its commitment to remain at the forefront in technology and reinforce its relationship with its customers.

The project has counted on the support of Zorraquino, specialists in branding and technology, with the brief being to imbue this branch with its own specific personality as it seeks to become the bank’s flagship in the Basque Country.

With a view to responding to certain highly specific needs in terms of customer experience, Zorraquino has created a technological solution through the cloud, whereby information can be segmented for its display at a specific point or everywhere at the same time, in a way that is fully remote, simple and effective.

This means that technology and innovation can be used to feed each one of the areas in the new branch, according to the itinerary or logical route followed by the visitor: digital notice boards, self-service area with ATMs, check in and check out (virtual register), waiting area with a large screen or videowall, and combined area for online and mobile banking.

Through different disciplines such as design, technology, development and innovation, Zorraquino has focused the project on enhancing Kutxabank’s business and improving customers’ experience through all the points of contact between the brand and users.

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Kutxabank’s new digital branch-office. By Miguel Zorraquino