The Red Dot Awards recognise Bathco, Bodeboca and Zorraquino

The three projects, presented by Zorraquino, a branding and user experience consultancy, have won recognition from one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.

Bilbao 1 September 2016 - The Red Dot Awards is one of the largest competitions, where design professionals present their projects for the prestigious ‘Red Dot’ distinction, an international seal of approval that brings with it numerous benefits.

During their deliberations, the 26 experts on the Red Dot jury panel individually assessed the large number of submissions presented by designers and businesses from a total of 46 countries.

The jury liked three of the projects submitted by Zorraquino, recognising their work with this award.

The Bodeboca project, a private wine club, was recognised for the constant adaptation and evolution of its digital media. An online sales channel, conceived to cater to user and market needs, offering attractive and easy to use areas and a satisfactory purchasing experience.

The digital channel for Bathco, a business focussed on the design, production and commercialisation of high-end bathroom products, underwent work on its information architecture to organise and highlight the sections of greatest interest and relevance, thereby achieving an intuitive and natural browsing experience, providing fluidity and coherence.

And Zorraquino own digital media has won an award, for being a very intuitive channel where user experience, usability, semantics and above all the quality of its content take centre stage. Strategic design has been used to create a distinctive space , where synthesis, the purity of the geometric form and a monochromatic presentation create a visual code that conveys the essence of Zorraquino and that of its customers.

Awards ceremony and exhibition

The winners will receive their awards on 4 November at the Konzerthaus Berlin followed by a Designers’ Night at the E-Werk Berlín where, for one nigh only, all awarded projects will be exhibited, including those for Bodeboca, Bathco and Zorraquino.

Red Dot Awards, much more than awards

The origins of the Red Dot Design Award date back to 1955. The now internationally recognised name and brand were created by Prof. Dr. Peter Zec in the 90s.

It has now consolidated its international position as one of the most sought after marks guaranteeing the quality of a good design. To properly assess the wide range of design submissions, the award is divided into three competitions: “Red Dot Award: Product Design”, “Red Dot Award: Communication Design” and “Red Dot Award: Design Concept”, each of which is held once a year. The Red Dot Award documents the most influential trends in the world and the awarded designs are exhibited at the Red Dot design museums.

“The ever more international nature of these awards is proof of their growing reputation in the global design world. We are very happy with this year's edition and delighted with the high level of the winning projects from around the world. Today, designers have become a catalyst between the spheres of language, economy and technology, in other words, they are the motors of progress. Now more than ever, we wish to be a driving force for sector development and trends and offer designers the opportunity to find and claim their place in the market. The Red Dot quality seal, known throughout the world, helps them achieve this objective", highlights Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot.

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