What is Google AdWords?

Advertising program designed by Google to facilitate the purchase of sponsored links published to its results page, in Gmail and any page affiliated to AdSense with content similar to the website linked to the advert.

Constitutes the main source of income for the company and operates under the pay-per-click (PPC) system: Google bills the advertiser for each click received by its link. There are no fixed rates, the price varies according to the popularity and demand for the keyword the advertisement is to be associated with and a cost per click (CPC) system is established: the customer places a bid specifying the maximum sum that they are prepared to pay for each click and enter a competitive auction; whoever is prepared to pay the most gets to place their advert first amongst the results, and successively thereafter.

The different AdWords applications enable advertisers to control investment with detailed progress reports on their campaigns (number of clicks received, conversions obtained, advert position...) and enter modifications in real-time (correct the advert, redistribute the daily budget, change keywords...)

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