What are search funnels?

A tool provided by Google AdWords for creating reports describing the ad click and impression behaviour on Google.com that leads up to a conversion.

When a user clicks on a sponsored advert, this creates a descending funnel that may lead to a conversión. From then on, and for the next 30 days that the cookie lasts, all information about their search processes is recorded. If during this period the user completes the conversion, a detailed tracking report is generated to identify what keywords have helped guide them from the start of the search, how they have interacted with the adverts during the process of conversion, or analyse the time taken for the entire process (latency period).

Can be used to optimise the performance of campaigns and strategies developed with Adwords; unfortunately, the reports produced are not fully complete, as they do not show information about other variables that have played a role in the process, such as for example organic results.

Other denominations:
Search funnels

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